One more name is added to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains in India known as Wendy’sOne of the famous and third largest burger chains in the world and just now, made its entry in India. Wendy’s has already its franchisee in the country named, Sierra Nevada Restaurants and with its contribution, the first outlet of the company is opening today in Sector 29 Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR.

And, also in the upcoming summer months, both are planning to start three more branches in Delhi/NCR and more than 20 in North India in the next few years. The chain is very well-known for its beef patties with a slogan, “Where’s the beef?”, but as we all know that, there has been going on a huge controversy in the country so in that, the company has decided to stay off with beef products as there’s no good market in India, especially in the Maharashtra.

It has created a new menu with vegetarian options, such as potato, spinach and corn fillings. Although the popular Bacon Burger will be missed, but the Chicken and Lamb Burgers will be served.


Now, talking about its price range, offering burgers at starting rate INR 59 and above, though it seems to be very high in comparison to McD’s and KFC range with initial price INR 25-35 only. The company has given a valid reason behind that:

  • The starting rate of INR 59 is just because that, the company believes in quality not in quantity.
  • They are providing you a healthy and nutritious food with tasty flavours.
  • It has been noticed that, people are eating less pizzas and burgers in fast food restaurant because of serving low quality food.

The company wants to delight, gain trust and loyalty of their customers by providing high quality food, eco-friendly environment, and well mannered staff. So, get ready for eating yummy burgers at Wendy’s.