”Food Fighters” is a new series that will present the story of the battle among home cooks and professional chefs. This new television show commencing from today at TLC and hosted by famous foodie and TLC host Mr. Adman Richman.

The opening of the ”Food Fighters” from today onwards and will televise every Thursday at 9 pm. The battle is about culinary superiority, where Mr. Richman will give the chance for non-professional cooks to test their cooking skills against professional cooks. As we all know that, every home cook has its own core or signature dish that always acquires approval with friends and families so this will be their positive point or we can say that secret weapon, which they can use against trained chefs.

Now in turn, the talented chefs will try to cook something new and better than amateurs’ special dish, during the culinary journey to prove that they’re better. All the dishes, cook by home cooks and professional chefs will be judged by a dinner party made up of the American Public.

With each level of tasty triumph, the money prize gets higher and higher as the non-professional cooks improve their level of cooking to challenge the professional chefs.