For the thrill seeking travelers, we are bringing the most terrifying and adventurous trip for them. Experience the extreme fear closely by spending one night of your life at the Peru Pod Hotel, but in the best way. You have seen many Pod hotels before, but this one is totally different from others. Situated near the city of Cuzco and run by Peruvian tour Company Natura Viva. This hotel is surrounded by the spectacular Sacred Valley, which is famous for its breathtaking scenery, small villages and dangerous roads.


It’s a trio of transparent pods placed 400 feet (122m) above the ground on a cliff in the Peruvian Andes. Made from poly-carbonate and aluminum and are of 24*8 meters. The pods are totally luxurious having plush bed, dining room and bathrooms and in each pod, 4 beds are available. Here, visitors have to reach up to the pods via a series of metal ladders and cables and also have the option to hike a daunting trail to the top.


Guests can relish with the magnificent vistas of the Sacred Valley from the pods and they are served with a delicious dinner in the pod and can feel the amazing sleep under the stars and for the breakfast, which will be on the roof of their pod. And, at the end of the venture, the zip lines delivers guests back to the valley floor.


Now, talking about its cost, this whole wonderful experience is just about $300 USD per person. So, get ready for the adventurous stay in the Pod hotel at a reasonable price.