As the hotness of this summer season is increasing day by day and the people are getting out of control to bear this scorching heat. So, to get out with this problem, we are giving you the best idea to keep cool during this hot season. Imagine, you’re dining in the restaurant, which is completely surrounded by water and in front of you there is a delectable meal, then what’s make better than this during ongoing summer season. It’s just like you’re in heaven indulging with the coolest facilities.

Here, we are listing out some of the water restaurants, which enhance your enjoyment. These incredible restaurants with a unique dining experience promise a meal to remember forever. So try out at once in your life.

Following are the water restaurants in the world:

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives


It is the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant, situated 16 feet below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel. The Menu items are limited, but you’ll surely enjoy while taking in the 180 degree panoramic views of the water above you.

Al Mahara, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Experience a dining underwater. Wow! The floor-to-ceiling aquarium inside Al Mahara, which takes you on another level of enjoyment. The menu includes Poached Tsarskaya Oysters and Sea Salt-Crushed Sea Bass.

Atrium Bar, Berlin


It’s one of the world’s largest water restaurants, which is situated at the base of amazing AquaDom. It provides a soothing environment for its guests to enjoy a refreshing beer, wine and other cocktails. And, also enjoy with a hot piping of coffee, delectable homemade cake.

Aquarium Restaurant, U.S.A.


Here, your underwater adventure starts as you’re seated around the 200,000 gallon aquarium. You can view more than 100 species of colorful, tropical fish from the Caribbean Sea, Hawali, South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The menu list includes the freshest fish, seafood, steaks and more.

Sea Restaurant, U.S.A.

Sea Restaurant

The underwater restaurant, which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Here, you can experience  some  mouth-watering European dishes.

Cargo Hold Restaurant, South Africa


Dine with sharks with the most spectacular settings, offering the most unique and sophisticated ambiance. Enjoy with the spicy, fruity and exotic dishes.

Subsix, Maldives


Immerse yourself in the beauty of this underwater restaurant. Situated nearly 20 feet below the Indian Ocean. Here you can indulge with Champagne in breakfast, delicious seafood at lunch and many other delicacies.