Can you imagine who is making a “Maggi” after the huge controversy of the popular noodles brand Nestle Maggi. A world famous Yoga guru Ramdev is coming up with his own brand of “healthy” Maggi for the children, which would definitely hit the market. It may be sound surprising, but it’s true.

Ramdev quickly grabs this golden opportunity and already declared about its “healthy” Patanjali made noodles. According to the Yoga guru, there will be no more Maida, harmful stuff for the body or anything that creates problems for the children’s health.

About Brand Nestle Maggi, Ramdev said,

“ Maggi should apologise. And if the government takes strong measures the company should be asked to pack up and leave the country. We don’t need a company that spreads poison. Maggi is filled with lead. If children have Maggi they would be prone to heart, kidney and liver failures besides cancer”.

Ramdev’s “healthy” Maggi would enter into the market by the end of this year, along with hair dye and gel. Like Complan, Holicks, and Bournvita, he will also launch his healthy drink “Powervita” for children in the few years.