Classic Rock Coffee Co. (CRCC) has now entered first time in Pune, India. It already has many locations across the world and six more outlets of it are under process. For the Indian outlet, a guitarist Ron Bumblefoot Thal, one of the members of popular band named “Guns N’ Roses” will perform next to the Warren Mendonsa, who is also a guitarist, composer and record producer of the band “BlackStartblues.”

Classic Rock Coffee Co. is a typical coffee shop, headquartered in the U.S.A. Its coffee really rocks with unique taste and flavour. The customers get served with the best smoothies, protein shakes, sandwiches, pastries and frappes.

In India, it is situated at Kalyani Nagar, Pune and can accommodate 200 people. The place also has attached parking, having a capacity of 400 vehicles. There’s team of 80 persons, where 20 handling the kitchen. And, now its menu, it will offer alcohol alongside freshly brewed coffee. For the alcohol, the company has been a tie-up with four microbreweries firm between Mumbai and Pune.

The company aims to provide good quality of food to ensure the customer’s safety and this will be the primary focus, implemented from next few months.

Mr. Avinash Agarwal, the Master Franchisee of CRCC, who brought it in India, first met to the guitarist Ron Thal recently when he performed at the launch of CRCC in Dubai. A couple of months ago, he wanted to launch CRCC in the Pune, but due to some reasons, dates were not favourable, that’s why it was decided to launch on 16 May, 2015.