Is it really safe to eat the McDonald’s food or are they nutritious for health? Such type of questions are raised in the customer’s mind before going to the McDonald’s. The reason behind that for a past few months, many customers claimed for a bad service regarding the meals of McD, include a tooth and plastic were found in its food, 4 cm strip of vinyl in a Chicken McNuggets.

These reasons make customers think twice before come at McDonald’s. But, now McDonald’s is moving to assure the customers safety while buying and eating the meals of its and also vowed to ensure the products safety.

To ensure the customers, McDonald’s provides a questions-answers named “Your question our food”. Here’re some:

What type of beef are you using in the burgers?

 The beef, which is used is 100% fresh and before using in the burgers, it is firstly inspected properly then ground and formed into patties.

Which kind of chicken is preferred in a chicken nuggets?

100% fresh chicken breast filet with no preservation is used in nuggets.

Do they use freshly cracked eggs for their famous Egg McMuffin Sandwich?

A rich, freshly cracked is used in making this food, which gets a round shape, when it cooks.

What type of oil is used in preparing the french fries?

 The oil blend is used made of 4 different kinds of oils: canola, corn, soybean and hydrogenated soybean. This enriches the quality of the french fries with flavour and crispness of it, which you love so much! 😛