McDonaldsHamburgerHamburger- one of the popular fast foods of the McDonald’s, which is just like a heaven in the mouth. But, have you ever thought about how these hamburgers are made or what is the procedure behind it? Day by day, customers are more concern about the quality of ingredients in their foods. So to approach near that, McDonald’s is trying best to make its place in the customer’s heart.

McDonald’s released a new video, showing step-by-step the process of hamburgers.

Here’s the procedure:

  • The meat is firstly inspected properly and then ground by putting them into the grinder.
  • After that, it is formed into patties, frozen them and shipped to the McDonalds location, where they cooked.
  • There’s is a one person also, whose job is to taste the burger for their quality. And on the daily basis around 40,0000 pound meat have been processing.

Rest of the information, you will get from the video, which is below: