For the Indian customers, McDonald’s is providing the best option to choose their own burger buns. As today’s generation are preferring for healthier foods and according to them, a burger is considered as junk food so, the company has decided to innovate it in the terms of healthiness.

Currently, the outlets of McDonald’s have around 370 across the country and also aims to start another 175 to 250 branches in the next 3-5 years, by investing about INR 750 crore.

The customers, belonging to the Southern and Western India now have options that if they order any burgers, out of two burger buns, they can choose any of them. The burgers, which will be offered with the nutritious Focaccia buns will be introduced within the weekend and charged with an extra INR 15 from the regular ones.

This new change will attract the health-conscious young customers, because of serving buns with great taste and flavour. Also with olive oil as one of the ingredients, which is present in it and have less sugar than existing buns.

For the past four years, McDonald’s in India has been building their menu towards the healthier sides. In breakfast option, it has rolled out an all grilled product, added egg burgers and introduced ice creams with less than 3% fat. Almost half calories have been cut from all burgers. At present, The option of choosing burger buns will be restricted to the West and South India only.