Food– It is the king of our stomach, hearts and sometimes our minds too! Without food, we can’t think, as it is the most important part of our life. Many of us, spend our whole day by think of eating, planning what to eat and also daydreaming about food. People choices are very different regarding food. Some persons love to eat Continental and few are prefer for an Italian meal. It all depends on person to person that what they want to eat.

It is something interesting to know that, which food is good and bad for you as per your zodiac signs. Many food astrologers say that people’s food choices, their likes, dislikes and eating habits, these all are depend on their star signs or zodiac signs.

Now, the dishes you like, which is palatable to taste, lets find out with star signs.


The adamant and aspiring people come under this zodiac sign and they are fond of eating hot and spicy food with strong flavours. They generally wish to eat junk and fried foods.

Preferable foods: Cold items such as dried fruits, beans, lentils, salads, fresh fruits and brown rice.

Avoidable foods: Salty food and alcohol.


Those people, who are of strong opinion or self-opinion are taureans, which love heavy food which are rich in calories. Chocolates, coriander, mint are liked by them.

Preferable foods: Root vegetables, leafy vegetables, berries, nuts and beans.

Avoidable foods: Oily food, high-carbohydrates food.


The people with zodiac sign Gemini, have a very small appetite. They favour for sugary drinks such as cold drinks, milkshakes.

Preferable foods: Fruits, nuts, curd and green vegetables.

Avoidable foods: Root vegetables, coffee and edible with yeast.


Diplomatic people come under this star sign. They are totally fond of seafood and also love to eat desserts, like ice creams, sweets.

Preferable foods: Egg yolks, oysters with rice, oats, fruits and whole grain wheat items.

Avoidable foods: Excess alcohol and oily food.


Persons of this zodiac sign love to eat luxurious and classy meal. Food with hot condiments, spices and distinct flavour are liked by them.

Preferable foods: Food with carbohydrates and proteins, spinach, nuts, figs, root veggies and rice.

Avoidable foods: Excess dairy food and spicy food.


This sign of people are very caring and have very thoughtful food choices. Their diet is very light and minimal, which is able to satisfy their hunger. Genarally, raw food and fresh fruits are eaten by them.

Preferable foods: Fresh seafood, eggs, fruit juices, salads, cereals and oats.

Avoidable foods: Rich dairy food.


A libran people are very conscious for their diet and looks for a balanced diet. Their food choices are different and they also love to eat desserts.

Preferable foods: Vegetarian food, oatmeal, seafood, fruits and dairy products.

Avoidable foods: Carbonated drinks and refined sugar.


Those people, who comes under this sign star, are very simple, soft and always likes to eat all types of food. Pepperey flavours with garlic, chilies and chilies are liked by them. They also love meat.

Preferable foods: Fruits, steamed vegetables, salads, lentils and beans.

Avoidable foods: Excess sweets, oily food and food with curd.


This zodiac sign of people are governed with ‘water’ sign and always excited to try out new cuisines and flavours. They love to eat traditional and innovative dishes.

Preferable foods: Whole grains, fruits, garlics, chicken, fish, tomatoes, plums and beets.

Avoidable foods: Overeating!


The capricorn people are very practical and prefers for simple meal. They like home-cooked food like soups, vegetables and eggs.

Preferable foods: Corn, spinach, whole wheat, oats, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, salads and juices.

Avoidable foods: Spicy and sweet dishes.


The curious and intellectual people come under this sign. They love to eat exotic dishes but also like comfort food. Pastas, salads and home-cooked food are liked by them.

Preferable foods: Nuts, spinach, seafood, raw food, salads.

Avoidable foods: Coffee and fermented food:


Piscean people like seafood and always try out some exotic dishes. They are very imaginative so, this helps in experiment with food as well.

Preferable foods: Lamb, eggs, barley, cereals, spinach and lettuce.

Avoidable foods: Oily food and excess of coffee.

Final Words:

Hope, you will really enjoy this blog while reading and it will be interesting and useful to know about your food choices. The information won’t be described as per our opinion, rather the zodiac signs have given all these details, which we are mentioned above in own words.