Getting bore with your daily food? Then, it’s time to change your taste and have some different and unique flavour. Here, we are talking about Italian dishes and their specialities which are delicious and distinct from other dishes. There are different methods to cook Italian dishes in simple ways and then enjoy with family and friends.

In Italian dishes, there are many variations in cooking but, having some grain foods like pasta, bread, rice and polenta are mixed in different ways with beans, vegetables, poultry, fish, cheeses, meat and nuts. Grains, mostly wheat has been a primary ingredient as it’s used to cook a variety of interesting breads including focaccia, ciabatta and crusty, they all are whole grain food.

The vegetables like tomatoes, onions, garlic, capsicum, cabbage, mushrooms and many others are chopped and added to pasta dishes, pizza and risottos and also used as salads and soups.

Cheese is eaten regularly throughout Italy and are of different types. The most popular types are mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola, romano and ricotta. It is used in topping of pizza, mixed through risottos, sprinkled over pasta dishes and also used in salads and eaten with fruits as a dessert.

Now, talking about its beverages, wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage and it is a custom that to consume wine with meals. In non-alcoholic beverage, strong coffee is the most popular.

Final words:

Thus, we can see that there are different Italian dishes like pasta, pizza and others which are delicious and unique in taste. Apart from these, there are many more desserts which are still to be written but, they can’t be explained within a limited words and for that we’ll find a way to share them with you. So, just try Italian dishes and enjoy your day.