The rich and colorful culture of Rajasthan is very famous all around the world. Rajasthan’s heritage reflects the impressive folk music and dances with different languages, forts, palaces and holy places. Every festival in Rajasthan is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

Jaipur is one of the largest city and the capital of Rajasthan, which is also referred as “Pink City”. With magnificent hill tops and forts, Jaipur has become a major tourists attraction for both, domestic and international tourists. Now, talking about food of Rajasthan, cooking delicious food is considered as an art form. It is a state which serves mouthwatering and delectable delicacies which are palatable to taste.

The cultural restaurants in Rajasthan which offer traditional dish and the customers are get served in a traditional way, which is very distinct identity of a state. The restaurants in Jaipur are very rich in traditional food which are liked by them. As, Rajsthan includes many cities with many cultural restaurants that, everyone likes.

So, we have mentioned 10 best restaurants that, show culture of Rajasthan: