As you know that, Lohri is here, which marks the end of the winter season. This festival has a lot to offer- great food, a taste of tradition, dance?and dhol. It’s all about getting together with family? and offering foods to the holy fire. Foods like jaggery, Gajak, popcorn, puffed rice and sesame seeds are thrown into this holy fire. The day followed by Lohri is celebrated as Makar Sankranti in which dishes, including sesame and jaggery are eaten.

Lohri is celebrated with fun and frolic along with delicious food and when the aromatic flavours fuse with the essence of culture, you know it’s time to slip into the festive mood once again! This festival brings a lot onto the table great food laced with flavours of tradition that make it special and unique. Now, to make this auspicious day more special, we are rendering you some of the authentic delicacies that can be prepared at home easily. And, I’m very much sure that when you go through these dishes, your mouth starts to drool?!!

Try out these 7 Lohri delicacies to serve your friends and family on this occasion:

Til ki Chikki/Revri


It’s a winter delight, coated with sesame seeds that provides amazing crunchiness. It keeps you warm during the gloomy winter days.

Gur ka Halwa


Again jaggery is the ingredient that mostly eaten during winter because of same as I have mentioned above. Gur ka Halwa is a 30-minute recipe doused in unconditional love and generous doses of ghee, semolina and jaggery.

Peanut Chikki


Chikki is one of the most comfort food throughout North India. There’s nothing good like spending the chilly evenings with a cup of tea and bits of nutty chikki.

Til Patti


The most common ingredients can promise a world of crunchy, sugary delight. Ghee, khoya, sesame seeds and sugar are all that you need to create some delightful magic.

Murmura Ladoo


Lohri festival is never complete without these Murmura Ladoo. Satisfy those in-between hunger pangs, while munching on these crisp ladoos.

Pindi Channe


It’s time to delve in the spicy masalas, having a creamy layer that give a wonderful flavour to your taste buds. So, prepare it on this Lohri as it’s a quick and easy treat for all.

Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti


It’s one of the most staple dishes of Punjab that prepared during the winter season. Heartwarming saag coupled with Makke ki roti and a big dollop of butter at a top.