One of the most prominent online table reservation platforms, Dineout has strengthened its position in the hospitality market by partnering with large restaurant chains. The restaurant chains that are part of this deal are handled by the JSM group, Lite Bite Food along with Chilis, Barbecue Nation and TGI Fridays to increase its customer base.

This new initiative has led to the launch of its new subscription-based premium service, Dineout Plus, and a restaurant management software, InResto to offer technological assistance to restaurants in the country. Dineout Plus is an amazing membership-based program for customers to get major discounts in the restaurants that are present in the five-star hotels across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata.

Now, moving to its other platform, InResto, which provides the restaurants with an incentive to join the growing number of restaurants in Dineout’s database. Day by day, the technological innovations are increasing in the eateries that rendered an added benefit for the launch of the platform and the need to improve customer service by the use of technology is the leading concern for restaurants all over the country.

Recently, InResto has been incorporated by all the outlets of Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality, Chili’s, Bar Stock Exchange, Little Italy, Toit and many other popular restaurant chains across India. Dineout was launched in 2012 and has become one of the leading table reservation platforms in the country.

 Currently, more than 2500 restaurants across 8 Indian cities are listed in its portfolio and it receives around 1 Lakh reservation in a month through their website and app. Dineout is now aiming to increase its business throughout the country.