Christmas? is knocking at the door and it’s time to get into the kitchen and put some yummiest Christmas delicacies. On this auspicious day, people celebrate, exchange the gifts? and indulge in the gourmet meal with friends and family. This festival is incomplete with the Christmas dinner in which all types of dishes are served to satiate and pamper your taste buds. Though, you know all very well that the main highlighted dishes are cakes, pies and cookies, but apart from desserts, there are a number of fried snacks that are being prepared.

Now, if you are thinking to give a wonderful surprise related to dishes on this Christmas?, but can’t decide which one you should prepare, fret no more! As this blog contained a few Christmas delicacies from around the world, which you will surely appreciate and cook one of the dishes among them for your family. These are simple, delicious and healthy that can be easily made even by first timers. So, let’s take a look on these special delicacies to enhance your celebration of the Christmas eve.

7 Christmas delicacies that can actually make your day enjoyable:

Christmas Plum Pudding


This one is counted as an essential dish on the Christmas fest. Loaded with dry fruits along with some crunchy nuts that render a rich look to it. It not only looks tempting, but also easy to prepare.

Grape Wine


Christmas eve is not only to have desserts, it’s about to have some drinks that add more colors to your commemoration. Grape wine, which is mostly consumed on this day. You can add this drink to your party.

Peanut Butter Cookies


Preparing and offering the home-made cookies to the guests have been the custom of the Christian countries. During the tea-time, it offers to them and especially appealing to the children for the funky shapes and colors.

Swiss Rolls with Chocolate


It’s the ultimate decadent gourmet dessert that looks complicated, but it’s easy to prepare. Try this one on this Christmas and surprise your family.

Apple Pie


The good old Apple Pie is one of the traditional dishes of the Christmas, having crushed apple, sugar and cinnamon. Kids like this dish with Chocolate Sauce.

Christmas Cake


The cake is one such thing, which you can prepare in your own personal party or any other festive celebration. You all know that Christmas is there and this time, you should make a cake for your kids of any flavour of your choice.

Beans & Cauliflower Casserole


A delightful combination of beans and cauliflower that delivers an ultimate taste to your taste buds, You can add more veggies, such as broccoli, mushrooms, baby corns and much more, which may be substituted to the cauliflower.