Mothers are the symbol of eternal love and care!! They sacrifice their whole life in your need, caring, and many other things, which you rarely noticed in your life. When you are sad and cried, they use their sleeves to dry your tears. Now, it’s your chance to show your regards, appreciation towards your mother as her day is coming up.

While there’re many good reasons to celebrate Mother’s day and with multiple extravaganza ideas that evolved the make Mother’s day awesome. So, this year, impress mom with more than just a bouquet of flowers….cook some special dishes with your own, that delight your mother’s whole day. We have some delicious dishes to surprise on her day, which we are introducing here.

Sweet and savoury Mother’s day dishes:



A homemade Pizza is like an empty canvas, which you can paint with the yummy flavour combination and fresh vegetables. You are free to add more topping to this yummy pizza.

Savory Puff Pastry Turnovers


Infused with curry potatoes and sweet pea makes a perfect breakfast for your mom.

Coffee Chai Latte


If your mom is fond of having a strong cup of hot Masala Chai for breakfast every morning, then your mother will fall in love with this strong coffee chai latte.



Start your mother’s day with serving delicious sandwich. Crispy and filled with many vegetables that’ll not stop your mom at one bite.



A Dosa like dish made with toppings, such as chilies, onion, tomatoes, capsicum and is generally eaten with Sambhar or coconut chutney.