The beginning of a meal is one of the favorite parts in the whole dine-out as you have many options to pick-out your delicious starter. These all are yummy, savory with having a wide range of variety. Indian appetizers have its own specialty by which everyone likes them and relish in eating. The dishes can also serve as a part of morning breakfast and in between the meals. Out of them, some are the part of the Sunday Brunch too.

Especially kids love to eat starters, such as Samosa, Paneer Tikka, Khandvi, Gobi Manchurian and more. Apart from these mentioned ones, we are going to render a list of  more starters too, including more delicious taste to impress you at the first time in eating.

Following is the list of Indian starters, check it out and try in your next dine-out:

Mushroom Pepper Fry


It’s the party appetizer, which comprises of capsicum, mushrooms, and black peppercorns.

Sabudana Vada


Palatable to taste and generally prefer in the fasting. These are the crunchy Vadas, simply melt in the mouth.

Corn Pakoda


It’s the perfect snack with a hot cup of tea on a rainy day or serve as a starter with a green chutney and ketchup.

Dahi Bhalla/Vada


The most delectable dish with its softness and sponginess that can’t stop us at one bite!!

Carrot Porridge (Gajar ka Halwa)


Gajar ka Halwa has probably been one of the most traditional dessert that is adorned by everyone.

Semolina Porridge (Suji ka Halwa)


If you fond of sweet dishes, then Semolina Porridge (Suji ka Halwa) is the best dessert for you.
While cooking, the aroma of this sweet dish entices your appetite.

Gulab Jamun


At the first time of hearing of this dessert, the mouth gets filled with water. Hot and soft Gulab Jamun with an awesome taste, gives the feeling of heaven in the mouth!!

Cold Drinks


The most common drink served as a starter to get a chill before intake the meal.



It’s primarily a liquid food, generally served warm made by combing ingredients together. Soup is a great appetizer, which makes you feel more hungry.



The sherbet tastes as good as it looks!! Delicious, light and refreshing sweet drink that enhance your enjoyment during your meal.