Eating well-balanced meal is a key factor in managing diabetes because having a poor and unhealthy diet will create a problem for the diabetic patients. If you’re suffering from diabetes, then it’s extremely important to keep a strict watch on your diet. You should intake of small and healthy meals through the day in order to keep your blood-sugar levels in the prescribed limit and be sure to not include processes or high fattening food.

Though there are several wholesome dishes, but still you avoid them as they are not so much tasty as fast foods or fried foods are. Not all delicacies are boring in taste, there are some, which carry delicious flavour and loaded with nutrition, Now if you’re confused about what to eat or have run out of ideas, then here’s a list of 8 super delicious and healthy snacks.

Go through the list that contains 7 delicious and wholesome foods:

Oats Idli


Oats Idli is not only light on the stomach, but also make very interesting snack options. You can also prefer Oats Upma, home-made Dhokla, Brown Rice Poha with vegetables, baked vegetable Tikki, Ragi Uttapam and Buckwheat Dhokla.

Healthy Smoothie


Drink healthy fruits and vegetables smoothies as much as you can. Choose vegetables, such as cucumber, tomatoes, amla, spinach and blend it with some light and refreshing coconut water in it.

Yoghurt with fresh vegetables


As we all know that yoghurt is rich in protein & calcium and raw vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. So, diabetic patients can combine vegetables like carrot, broccoli, celery and tomatoes with yoghurt. It’s not only delicious, but will also keep you full.

Steamed Sprouts Salad


Intake of pulses in high amount helps in controlling blood and also rich in protein and fiber. Mixed steamed sprouts with chopped tomatoes, cucumber and cottage cheese. Spread some salt and add 1 tsp of lemon juice along with these you can also use boiled beans or Kala Chana.



Undoubtedly, eating fruits eliminates the risk of diseases as they are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. So feel free to eat as many as you can. But remember, select those fruits that are relatively low in sugar, such as apple, guava and berries.

Whole grain crackers


Crackers mainly comprise cracked wheat, oats, quinoa and rye, which are healthy as these grains help in lowering blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels.