As we all know that Navratri Season is around the corner, start from 13 October 2015 and will end up on 22 October 2015 as per the Hindu calendar?. It is one of the holiest festivals of Hindu, where people worship nine days of a different incarnation of Goddess Durga and also do fast with many rules and regulations. In these nine days, people avoid eating foods like, onions, garlic, non-vegetarian dish and alcohol to respect the custom that has been followed from the times of their ancestors. This festival is celebrated with happiness and rejoice in all over the India, especially in Gujarat, where you see the ethnic dance form “Garba” and “Dandiya” performed on the evenings of Navratri.

Usually, a large part of the north, west and central India observes a fast on all nine days. Some people may choose fast only on the first and last day of this festive period. In the country, a number of festivals are there in which you can’t eat anything for the whole day, but this is not applied during the Navratri fasting. You have several options to notch delectable vrat delicacies, having yummy flavour and texture, included ingredients, such as singhara atta, kuttu atta, yogurt, milk?, fresh vegetables and makhanas are preferred as they are light on the stomach and can be digested easily. We are rendering you the list of Navratri dishes that all are consists of above ingredients so, embrace the joy of the festival with the best of our delicacies.

Navratri Special Dishes:

Sabudana Vada



Considered as one of the best dishes during the fast, which is crunchy, spicy and crispy. The stuffing of Sabudana Vada is very delicious and generally eaten with green chutney, that is made up of coriander leaves and many other ingredients, which are present in it.

Sabudana Khichdi



The mouthwatering and light food mostly liked by everyone. It is made up of sabudana, potato, peanut, groundnut and garnished with coriander leaves, that looks pleasant. Sabudana is very nutritious for health, as it is full of starch and carbohydrates, which gives energy while fasting.

Fruit Salad



Fruit Salad is the best dish during the fast, as it is oil free and very nutritious for health. It gives lots of energy, which can be consumed anytime in the fast. Those, who are conscious of their health, it is the best food for them in this Navratri Season.

Singhare Ka Halwa



A sweet dessert cooked by people on a fast day. This delectable halwa is made up of water chestnut (Singhade Ka Atta) and sugar. And, on the time of serving, sprinkled the cardamom powder and nuts over it. For those, who love sweets, this halwa is something best for them.

Kuttu Ki Pakori



One of the famous food in the fast, usually cooked at every home. A crunchy, crispy pakori from outside with soft and fluffy from inside are very yummy in taste. It consists of buckwheat flour (Kuttu Ka Atta) with the stuffing of potato and spices.

Coconut Laddu



Again, a famous sweet and delicious dish, that is made up of dried coconut and sugar. It takes minimal hours in cooking.

Sweet Lassi



Now, talking about beverages during the fast, Lassi is one of the popular drinks, which gives refreshment and energy so that, you can enjoy your fast.

Dry Fruits Milkshake



Here, is another cold beverage, for those who love milk in the fast. It comprises of milk, ice-cream and add different flavours to enhance its taste. It is an ideal drink to start your fast with it.

Makhane ki Kheer


A flavour of nutmeg powder (jaifal) and saffron gives an aesthetic touch to the Makhane ki Kheer, making this a  memorable dessert that linger on your taste buds.

Kuttu ki Puri


Kuttu is the main ingredient during fast as a number of dishes can be prepared from it. Kuttu ki puri consists of buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta) and potato to make it crispy. It’s generally eaten with Aloo ki sabzi and green chutney.

Kaju Katli


To add more taste in your Navratri fast, here’s Kaju Katli that offers the lip-smacking taste to your taste buds. Cashew is the staple ingredient that is used to prepare, so it’s also known as cashew fudge.