The World Cup is now at its peak and all the fans are going to be crazy while watching and cheering for their favourite teams. The fans are full with excitement, have a feeling of respect with fear and wonder and shouting towards their team in this World Cup 2015. Cricket is not just a game, it is something like a religion for fans and when it’s the World Cup, then it looks like that God comes down from heaven!

It enhances your enjoyment more, when there will be “scrumptious munchies” while cheering for your favourite team. The mouthwatering snacks with you during the time when you are watching cricket, then the experience of yours goes to a new and wonderful level.

So, we are presenting you our choices of delightful munchies for this World Cup 2015:

French Fries


The most delectable snacks, which are crispy, golden from outside and soft, fluffy from inside. Made with potatoes and are palatable to taste.

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

When you are watching cricket and you have nuggets by your side, then your world cup fun becomes endless. There are many fans of Chicken Nuggets, just like a cricket.

Popcorn and Coke


All time favourite snacks of everyone with a bottle of coke. This will be the best snacks while watching a cricket.



Cheering and shouting for your team with a big slice of pizza in your hands, full of taste, crispinees, which takes you to another level of enjoyment.



A snack, that everyone love to eat and takes minimal time while cooking. Enjoy this snack with your friends and family.

Onion Rings


Watching cricket is incomplete without these golden onion rings. It’s just delicious that it can’t stop you in one bite!



When you are getting a little bored during the cricket, take a delightful Nachoes with a yummy taste. You will regain your energy and excitement with every single bite of this spicy Nachos.

Calzone Pockets


The veg and non-veg Calozone Pockets with soft , juicy and spicy filled with paneer, onion and capsicum. Rolled over a cheesy layer and hot sauce.