Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), is now bringing back its popular retired item that is Popcorn Chicken Nuggets. This item previously was on the menu known as popcorn chicken, but that was ceased in 2011. 

This snackable, poppable take on chicken nuggets are loved by everyone those who enjoy fried food chicken. KFC declared the nuggets as 100% white meat and the company also claimed that “ Popcorn Nuggets are 100% white meat, extra crispy and made from the world’s best chicken. Grab them on the go oradd them as a side to your next meal. Either way, you wont’t look at nuggets the same ever again.”

KFC is also offering a promotion of a $5 fill-up which includes five meals in all having each feature with an entree, a drink and a dessert for $5. It also include a side and biscuit. This combo pack comes with Popcorn nuggets, having a mashed potatoes & gravy, a choclate cookie and a medium drink.

KFC is boosting the product with hashtag #MyFirstPopcornNugget. In comparing to a hot wings, popcorn nuggets are more crispy and even don’t need of ketchup also. If you want a crunchy chicken snacks, then this item is best for you.