Nowadays, food safety is the major issue in everyone’s life as most of the diseases are caused by unhygienic food items. And, it is important to avoid unhealthy food to far away from diseases especially while travelling. As we know that each person likes travelling in their life around the world as they want a break from their busy and uninteresting work schedules.

However, in travelling or in a journey, the one thing is very important and that is food. It is the most important part of a journey that each one of us should be careful about. I think, we never give ample importance as to what is being served on our plate and how safe and hygienic it is?

So, this World Health Day, which comes on April 7, all of us should promise to eat safe food and should tell to other people about food safety tips, that we are giving you here.

5 food safety tips to avoid getting sick:

  • Always prefer hot and freshly prepared food items rather than selecting frozen meat, cheese, buffet foods and unsealed packet items, because they carry lots of bacteria.
  • Choose renowned area or restaurants for eating so that there will be surety of safer food choice.
  • While travelling, always try to get for bottled water products, but check the seal before use, as not all packaged drinking water are safe.
  • Always buy fresh fruits and cut them yourself and eat, so don’t buy cut fruits, because they carry a lot of infection.
  • At last, always wash your hands properly before eating out to avoid getting inflicted with infections that may cause food poisoning.

So, these are the important points, which you should remember before eating especially during the journey to avoid getting sick.