tips for healthy living this hot season

Staying physically active during summer seasons is a tedious task. Besides, laziness wraps itself around us and all it feels like having a cosy nap for long hours. However, by keeping aside this idleness, we can do something more enthusiastic for a healthy living in this hot season.

The arrival of spring and summer totally means having pool parties, to get yourself engaged with cool summer drinks, take a proper balanced diet, go on vacations, etc., By doing a bit of effort you can improve your living style and boost up your personal strength. Below are a few healthy living tips incorporating fields such as fitness, stress, vision and oral health.

A Few Tips to Live Healthy this Summer

1. Boost Up Your Diet With Fresh Berries

Boost up your diet with berries

It is recommended to have a cup of mixed fresh berries- blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries every single day. The main cause why it is significant to add them in your diet is because they help you boost up the antioxidants. This will lessen down the risk of age-related problems and prevent damage of tissues as well. Especially, include blueberries and blackberries as they have maximum antioxidant substance.

Moreover, they are also rich in fibre, which resultantly maintain the cholesterol level and avert a few cancers.

2. Step Outside and Exercise

Go out and exercise

Feel the essence of nature by picking up an outdoor activity. Plan vacations with your friends and family, take an evening walk, explore the environment, play the games with your kids, do swimming, cycling and much more. An outdoor activity always keeps you energetic and lively.

Various outdoor games like cricket, basketball, volleyball, etc., are the best exercise alternatives to be played in summers. Moreover, you can also go out to a gym and workout there to stay fit and enthusiastic all day.

3. Get Yourself Dirty

get yourself dirty

Is stress bothering you all the time? Try out this. Put your hands in the soil to plant a small garden or just cultivate a flower in a petite jar and get yourself dirty. Doing stuff like this releases physical & mental stress and stabilizes your mind.

4. Floss Everyday

floss everyday


You can do flossing wherever you want like sitting on a sofa and watching TV, on a beach, while reading something. It reduces oral bacteria, which further refines your health.

When there are low oral bacteria, your body has more power to fight against it. Ergo solves much of the health-related issues.

5. Have a Cool Attire

summer outfits

Try Floral prints, funky colors and light shades in your daily attire. They not only look smart but also makes you feel cozy all the time. Choose breathable, loose-fitting, cotton fabrics and wear sunglasses when you go outside. The cotton stuff keeps you cool and sunglasses protect your eyes.

6. Take a Light Booze

light booze

Summers are always best to get yourself drunk. Skip the hard drinks and prefer a light, chilled alcoholic beverage.

Hang out with your partner during the evening hours and have a sangaria (table wine with diluted juice), a cold beer, or a wine spritzer. They all are light and refresh the mood instantly.

7. Holiday Time

go on vacations

Holidays have a bulk of benefits: they help to lower down your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones like cortisol, which maximizes heart disease and widens the waist size.

Ergo, to improve your heart health, plan holidays with your pals and family members.

8. Sleep Well

sleep well

Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy wealthy and wise. A phrase learned in childhood days is hardly followed by the young generation nowadays. But, it’s important to go to bed on time and take a healthy nap for minimum 7-8 hours a day.

Avoid taking naps during the day except that you take them every day, at the same time and for the same amount of hours.

9. Relax and Take a Deep Breath

deep breathing

Cut off for a while from the social world, switch off your cell-phone, stop wasting hours in front of the television and relax. Take a deep breath for a couple of minutes with your eyes closed and sense the essence of ambience around yourself. Absorb the light that encourages your hormonal massage place.