There are lots of things you can get at the top of a search engine and if you want to search for a particular food or a recipe for that, hundred of options will be displayed, where you can learn. It totally depends on you, which website you will choose. According to me, you will definitely choose the one, who doesn’t require you to run to the market for collecting the missing ingredients.

Once in a while, you’ll make that effort, particularly when your guests coming over for dinner at home. But, you are getting tired and just want to prepare something special out of whatever in your kitchen pantry, so for this time, a normal cookbook doesn’t work, you have to use the internet for that. And, for your ease, we are bringing some websites name, where you can learn numerous recipes by ingredients you have. So, try out of them.

7 amazing websites for learning several recipes:



It is also another simple recipe search site, where you can find out quick meal from the available ingredients. You have to enter 5 ingredients at once.

Recipe Matcher


It lets you enter, whatever ingredients you have and then matches recipes it to in its database.

Cook Thing


It allows you to start with one ingredient and then show the result of recipes, which are related to that ingredient.

My Fridge Food


It lets you choose the ingredients from the huge list and after that, filter it by categories, such as breakfast, snacks, dinner and lunch.

Super Cook


At the time, you put all the ingredients together in the search box, then the recipe of that dish related to the ingredients will be there. And, there is one “suggestion box” also, which keep asking for specific ingredients.



It’s a large collection of vegetarian recipes of north Indian, south Indian, and various Indian regional cuisines. You will get the complete recipe of each dish with step by step photos for your ease.

Our Recipe Section

SagmartAt SAGMart, we provide you an individual section that consist of recipes, mainly focused on Indian dishes. Each recipe is explained step by step in a very easy way so that you can understand quickly and enjoy at home with your family and friends.