As we know that ingredients are the most important components of the food. Tasty dishes are combination of number of ingredients by which they are made like if want to cook spicy food, then we have to add more chilli powder so, according to the taste of tongue, we have to add ingredients in dish. Every dish has special ingredients, but there are some which are special and are the most expensive ingredients in the world for making some dishes.

List of 8 most expensive food ingredients of the world:

White Truffles


One of the best and expensive ingredients known as “White Truffles” which comes from Italy. The stock of this ingredient is limited to winter months. At the base of oak tree they form that is beneath the earth. It is used in muliple dishes such as eggs, cheese, butter, pasta, fonduta and others. The price ranges around $800 to 2000/lb.

Edible Gold


As we know that there is no nutritional value of gold but, add in luxurious and beautiful decoration to dishes and drinks. It is used in desserts, as garnishing on wedding cakes and also in cocktails and drinks. The price of edible gold ranging from $90-100/gram.



This ingredient has a high price tag around $7-10/gram or approx $400/lb beacause, it takes time for labour which is involved in picking it. The flowers must be handpicked during particular time. To attain 1kg of dried saffron, it takes around 400 hours. The taste of this ingredient is bitter and by adding a small amount of saffron in food, it gives yellow color.

Aceto Balsamico


The balsamic vinegar has a sweet, rich flavour and it is suitable for topping ice-cream, drizzling across thick red meat. The production of this product is limited and only comes in a bottle. The price ranges from $100-$300/bottle.

Kopi Luwak Coffee


One of the most expensive coffees which includes a unique processing. The processing by which they made, reduces acidity and bitterness which gives wonderfull aromatic, smooth flavour to the coffee. There are variety of beans used by consumers, so flavours can be of different type. The costs ranging from $33-$100/cup.

Yubari King Melons


The Japanese fruit that has green and orange flesh and known for its juicy sweetness as well as its beautiful proportions. These melons are sold in perfectly matched pairs and generally gift to others. The standard costs between $50 and $100 in Japanese departmental stores.

Sturgeon Caviar


One of the most expensive seafood, which is a salted eggs of the sturgeon fish. It’s known for its juicy eggs and nutty flavour but, this salted egg is from desirable fish including paddlefish, whitefish, trout and lumpfish. The market prices ranging from $7,000 to $10,000/kg.

Kona Nigari


It is the purest mineral water, which sells for top dollars around the world. It has numerous health benefits like weight loss, skin health and also in stress reduction. It sells for around $33/bottle but, a little amount goes for a long way.