16th October- the World Food Day, a day of action against hunger. On this day, people join together to declare their commitment to eradicate hunger from their lives. As everyone wants that nobody should die from starvation. It was first observed in the year of 1945 in Quebec, Canada and since then, it has been celebrated in almost every country by millions of people. Now, there are many options for the people to be a part of a solution to hunger. Many food and health organizations conduct a number of events, where you can participate to show your zeal towards this day.

Every year, several countries across the world organize social programs to raise the awareness in the movement to end hunger. And, there are many companies, universities and organizations that are working to achieve a zero hunger world. So, it’s necessary for everyone to realize how important World Food Day is in their lives. Therefore, today we are rendering you a few points that why we all care about hunger and via this, we are also showing our great involvement for this day.

Some noteworthy points why one should care for its hunger:

  • Every human being has a fundamental right to free from hunger and get adequate food, because due to starvation, many severe diseases occurred that are generally observed in the children under the age of 5. And, this right is realized, when every man, woman, and child has the physical and economic access at all times.
  • It’s really possible that you can end hunger,¬†because the world produces sufficient food to feed every person on the planet.
  • If the inadequate amount of food does not reach to all the people, then the result of it suffered by the people. Hungry people have to face so many difficulties, less productive at work, get more sick and live shorter lives.
  • The problem of scarcity of food can happen to anyone as nutritious food can be expensive and making a balanced diet a luxury for many. There are several reasons such as loss of a job, poor health, a family tragedy or an accident can make anyone, anywhere, go hungry in a moment.