Almost everyone is passionate about Indian food, because of its aroma, flavours, ingredients and many other elements by which it becomes so special in all around the world. So knowing this, the Newcastle-based famous Indian chef Maunika Gowardhan unleashes her first Indian food cookbook today.

Maunika Gowardhan is an Indian chef and also a food writer. Generally, her food influences from traditional home cooking, creating authentic and delicious Indian dishes with full of flavour and spices.

As we have seen that many famous chefs are known by their nicknames, such as Jamie Oliver, a friend of Maunika’s has acquired its name by himself as the “The Naked Chef”, Marco Pierre White known as the “Sexy” chef, Gino D’Acampo as the “Italian Stallion” and many others are there.


Chef Maunika is not fond of epithets, but she herself found with their nickname as the “Cook in a Curry”, which has been given by their fans and chef fraternity. She just wants to be known for their good food only.

Many other books have been published by her, but this one is the foremost Indian cookbook named as “Indian Kitchen”, will be launched today. This being published by Hodder and Stoughton (a British publishing house) in the Europe, UK, India, and Middle East.

In this book, many recipes are those, which Monika grew up eating in Mumbai. So, you’ll find instructions on how to make a Mumbai Sandwich, Keralan Kozhi Kuttan and Malyali Kozhi Biryani. Try out all these dishes in your home, this book will definitely helpful for the amateur cooks that will delight their friends and family members.