It’s only six and a half days to go for the forthcoming New year eve celebration and countdown is on with many positive hopes and vibes, each and every massive city of India are to be adorned as per their swagger. People of different countries and rituals background would be visiting India, and especially the city of love “Kolkata” will be in the minds of tourists. Many list of supreme restaurants in Kolkata are booked for serving the tourists and the reason behind this is just the locations of list of supreme restaurants in Kolkata, i.e. they are partitioned nearby the hanging sites of Kolkata where tourist can celebrate their eve with their family.

Keeping those fact asides, Kolkata being a traditionally rich city, we can find the people of different races who’s been sustaining there due to which many cultures are exchanged, variety of food and dishes are found especially the hybrid of Chinese and Bengali’s one and the term like descrimination to caste, creed and sex doesn’t exixts there which made tourist feel if they are in a comfort zone.

The beautiful beaches are also the major factor in affecting the tourists. Most of the list of supreme restaurants in Kolkata have category services available there which means married couple can have their own treat environment, bachelors too can continue their drink segment in different class and most of all, the reason behind such a high booking is the cheap living cost in list of supreme restaurants in Kolkata. In this New year fish selling will ranked high in list of supreme restaurants in Kolkata which is the trademark of it. So overall Kolkata not only provides the complete platform for entertaining the eve but will also act as factor affecting economy in the country.

However, let’s take a view on list of supreme restaurants of kolkata with their address, phone, locations, environment:



With an outstanding internal and external infrastructure this restaurant is one of the damn best among all other list of supreme restaurants in Kolkata. It is situated as mention below:

Location: near the park hotel 17, along the park street of Kolkata.

contact address : (+91) 33 40049000, (+91) 33 22499000

It is best known for bar food.



This is the best restaurant for yongster, schoolkids and for families too.Since it provides delicious tastes in dishes so it is infair to claim on its quality of food.The verified address of the restaurant is:

Location: 22, Camac street, Kolkata ,700017

contact details : (+91) 90 07004119, (+91) 33 22830439 .

Additive to its food and dish it is also famous for it coffee service.



This is the restaurant which seeks most of the families which serves Continental, Chinese, North Indian food with a Bengali style of fish service.It has good infrastructure.

Location: Bengal Ambuja Shopping Complex, Santoshpur, Kolkata with a pin code of 700075. Contact details : (+91) 99 03272013


It has soft decoration, but influencing one that would make tourists think to try dishes here at least once. Continental and Asian dishes are found here in comparison to other list of supreme restaurants in kolkata. The overall address is mentioned below:

Address: Hotel Host International 1st Floor, VIP Road 700059 Kolkata

Contacts: (+91) 33 25706617