Talking about the most expensive restaurants in the world, some of us (including me) feel good while enjoying with a small price pizza slice and hot dog, but few are like to spend their money on a scrumptious restaurant. These restaurants are very costly, but when we check out their prime locations and spectacular offerings with highly-talented chefs in their cuisines and in culinary style, you will admit to splurge, so that you can fufil your caprices and wishes.

Some of the restaurants are popular for their exotic locations, exclusivity, temptingly tasty food with soothing environment. Well, not everyone can pay for these restaurants for their vacations, however most of us love to spend quality time with friends and families in these restaurants. So, for those who can only dream about dining at one of these destinations and looking for an extra special dinner recommendation, can read some informations about the world’s 5 most expensive restaurants.

Here is the list of world’s 5 most expensive restaurants:

Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan

You can experience one of the most expensive restaurant in Japan is at Kitcho. It is spectacularly designed restaurant run by talented chef Kunio Tokuoka, excellence in cooking skills and also in culinary style. It is believed by the chef, that every dish, which is served here to his customers are palatable to tatse. At Kitcho, a meal will cost you $600 per person.



Restaurant Le Meurice, Paris

The chef Alain Ducasse, makes in the top 10 list this year also. At Le Meurice in Paris, he knows how to make a costly menu. His collection menu at Le Meurice costs a cool around $509 (€380) per person for a dinner and lunch menu costs you around $174 (€130).  The food is outstanding, the ambience and atmosphere is awesome.


Masa, New York City

It is Located in the Time Warner Center in the New York City. Masa, which is popular for its one of the most opulent dining experiences, that you can have in the Big Apple. It is run by Chef Masa Takayama. The cost is around close to $450 per person before beverages, gratuity for the unique Japanese experience.


Maison Valence, France

It is a legendary French restaurant in Valence, France, that has three Michelin stars. Chef Anne-Sophie crafts the food and menus. Guests can choose the Collection menu that costs you roughly around $445 per person. The Chef Anne-Sophie, is famous for giving her own twist on classic menu’s dishes that have been served since the 1930s.


Aragawa, Tokyo

If you want to experience the high-end diner that gives a truly exquisite place, Aragawa in Tokyo should not be missed. The restaurant is famous for highlights of purebred Tajima cattle that are raised around 28 months in the region, Hyogo Prefecture, where only animals who can meet the specific criteria are selected as Sanda beef. The prices are said to be skyrocketing here. A meal costs around $370 per person for the ultimate and unique beef experience.