It’s true that no meal is complete without pickle and if it’s home-made then your meal will become more delicious and tasty. I think, we all have grown up eating delicious, crunchy and tangy pickles made by our mothers? and grandmothers?. One thing if you have ever noticed that in most Indian households, you can easily find the big jars (barni) loaded with freshly made pickles kept on the windows with sun rays? falling on them.

But, from the last few years, the art of making pickle at home is slowly fading away because of ready-made pickles that are available in the market. However, they do not contain the rustic flavours of home-made version. Though the whole process of it may seem to be time taking, but the preparation is very simple and easy. Now, we are rendering the list of Indian pickles with their recipe, so that you can choose one out of them for this summer.

Add the taste to your meal with these 8 Indian Pickles:

Aam Ka Aachar


Summer is coming and your mother is now planning for this tangy aachar as raw mangoes are only available in the summer season. It’s prepared from an array of spices along with mustard oil that enhances its taste.

For the recipe, click on the given link: http://food.ndtv.com/recipe-aam-ka-achaar-386944

Nimbu Ka Achaar


If your meal is accompanied by some sour pickle with spices then it will make you eat an extra chapati. Nimbu ka Achaar is something like that, which you will enjoy in all the seasons.

For the recipe, click on the given link: http://www.tarladalal.com/Nimbu-Ka-Khatta-Mitha-Achaar-38200r

Amle ka Aachar


Amla is like an Indian gooseberry, which is used to prepare a sweet and sour pickle. It’s a great source of vitamin C, which is healthy and nutritious for hair, skin and weight loss.

For the recipe, click on the link: http://www.tarladalal.com/Spicy-Amla-Pickle-Amla—Achaar-Recipe-3437r

Green Chilli Achaar


Make your meal extra yummy by including Green Chilli Achaar that goes well with hot Parathas. While eating, it will make your nose run!!

For the recipe, click on the link: http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/green-chilli-pickle-recipe-hari-mirch-ka-achaar/

Lal Mirch ka Aachar


Lal Mirch Achaar is the winter’s remedy that stuffed with an array of spicy powders. This is especially for all the spicy lovers and they don’t want to miss out this one.

For the recipe, click on the given link: http://food.ndtv.com/recipe-lal-mirch-ka-benarsi-achaar-567205

Gajar ka Aachar


This pickle is the perfect accompaniment to your winter meals. Use season fresh red carrots to make the most of the nutrients. Sweet and tangy in one bite!

For the recipe, click on  the given link: http://food.ndtv.com/recipe-gajar-ka-achaar-463827

Lasode Ka Aachar


Another special, seasonal and authentic Indian pickle named as Lasode ka Aachar. It will render a unique taste that goes well with hot parathas.

For the recipe, click on the given link: http://nishamadhulika.com/pickles/lasoda_ka_achar_recipe.html

Lehsun Ka Aachar


This tasty pickle made with garlic, which will surely make you lick your finger!! It’s very simple and quickly to prepare if the garlic is kept peeled and ready.

For the recipe, click on the given link: http://www.padhuskitchen.com/2010/11/garlic-pickle-recipe-how-to-make-garlic.html