On 19th March 1911, it was the first time when International Women Day celebrated in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria. Later on discussions, it was transferred to 8th March 1913 and remained same for every year as the global date for International Women’s Day. In the same year, it gradually spread to other countries also. Thousands of events for women?are held throughout the world to inspire them and also celebrates their achievements.

Today is Women’s Day and every man has to plan so that his wife feels special on this great day. Every husband wants his lady to be always happy and as she deserves huge amount of respect, she is the one who manages the home, from taking care of every little thing of her husband’s and children’s and all other small tasks, which generally go unnoticed by other family members. So, a man should plan a surprise on a very special day like a trip for her or you can also organize a special dinner in the restaurant and any other way to make your wife feel happy. Now, for your ease we are giving you the best ideas for your wives, which will surely make them feel special, that is, you can make palatable dishes at home and serve her with lots of love so that she must be thinking that how caring and wonderful husband she got.

Dishes, you should prepare for your wife on Women’s Day:

Cheese Grilled Sandwich


Want to cook something special for your wives? We suggest you, Cheese Grilled Sandwich, by which her mouth will be filled with water. It is an ultimate dish, easily cooked and has a delicious taste.



As we know that most of the woman is fond of spicy food and when she hears the name pasta, she gets so much excited and wants to eat. So, it is the best dish to cook at home and nothing beats the taste of fresh homemade pasta.

French Toast


If your wife is a working lady, then this dish is best for breakfast as its easy and quick recipe with minimal ingredients making it a no hassle for you too. It is something very easy which you can cook during the morning rush and along with juice, milkshake or tea/coffee.



A delicious dessert with a deep chocolate flavor which  your wives will definitely like. The one thing is important in cooking a Brownie that it must be chewy and fudgy.



As the name suggests, it is full of flavor with wonderful aroma. When it get served  as a hot and bubbling, garnishing with many ingredients then, automatically mouths will be filled with water.



One of the easiest dishes, that can be easily made at home. You can make according to your choice, means if your wife likes spicy touch, then you can add more chili sauce in it and veggies can be of yours choice or your wife’s choice.


Here above, we have given you an idea about how to make your wife feel special on Women’s day and there are many other ideas as well but, its up to you that which idea is best for your wife so that she feels special happy for such wonderful planning. In last, according to us, a husband should take out time from his busy schedule for his wife  just because a little smile on your wife’s face can make you feel awesome.