In his recent interview, one of the popular Indian chefs Ranveer Brar has revealed his plans of opening an eatery named as, “World vegetarian food- Small plates restaurant” in the Kamala Mills area in Mumbai. The restaurant is scheduled for an April-opening, which is based on a unique dining concept that became famous in Western food service in 2000.

Chef Ranveer Brar stated,

“We aim to offer vegetarian food from around the world in small portions and hopefully, it will get popular”.

Following this, an Indian restaurant will be opened by him between the month of October-November in Madrid. The chef Ranveer Brar is very much fascinated by the city, where Indian food holds great appeal. He already has two eateries “Soul of India” and “The Indian da Vinci” in Boston, USA.

Here small plates may indicates small dishes similar to appetizers that are ordered a la carte or to the small courses served as part of a more formal meal. He further commented,

“The world outside hotels, be it standalone restaurants, outdoor catering etc. is moving fast and that hotels need to be aware of the game. Proximity to food and food philosophy can be obtained outside of 5-star hotels”.