Pedia Sure

One more complaint by one of the customers of Kerala on the batch of baby food “Pedia Sure”, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, which contains foul smell. Due to this, the food safety order today to replace it immediately.

A customer, who had purchased the “Pedia Sure” having an expiry year of 2016. When he opened it, foul smell come out from the product, so due to this, customer complaint to food safety authority. An official stated that, “We have taken samples of the said product and directed recall of the batch”.

Before this, live larvae found in the packet of NanPro 3 milk powder in Tamil Nadu, which is one of the baby food products of Nestle India that now become close to the nationwide controversy after Maggi Noodles and day by day, it has been surrounded by many troubles with the customers filling the complaint to the food safety.