To maintain the best clientele, Mumbai’s top 5-star hotels like Taj, ITC, and Oberoi, wooing barbers, which are still working in their saloons even after retirement. The famous barber, Rashid Siddiqui, who has been working at Taj, Mumbai for 40 years. He is famous for the snip, hair coloring, and many others, that enticed a number of customers. The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai not in the mood, to let him go, because his client list, includes the top businessman is so loyal towards him that they would stop coming if he left.

And, if it happens, then they might be switch for another saloon, where he will work. So, the hotel will never let this happen. The 60 year old, Rashid Siddiqui has been persuaded to stay on even after superannuation. The salons at chains operated by the five-star hotels provide services to many generations of the top industrialists, including Ambani, Tata, Birla, Godrej and Mahindra from their childhood. They all are very common on the client list.

The few celebrities even call their favourite barbers at home. Another, well-known barber, Bhupinder Singh, working for a long year at Silhouette, salon in the Trident hotel. Shampoos and head massages are the specialists of him. He has retired this month, but the salon members told him to take a break of 10 days and come back to work.

People like Bhupinder Singh are still working at the same saloons for so many years, keeping his clients happy, rather than sit at home.