As we all know that India is very much known for its food as it is different from rest of the world in tastes, cuisines and in cooking methods too. Indian dishes are popularly known for their spiciness and which is most important in every dish to add taste and flavour.

Indian dishes vary in different regions and states, but one thing is common in all of them is spiciness in food, except in Gujarat. Food is the main reason which attracts the tourists and that’s why they always are eager to visit India.

So, here we are introducing some astounding facts of Indian delicacies which you will really enjoy.

  • There are six Indian tastes -salty, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and astringent. In Indian meals, according to the dish these tastes are present to balance each of these flavours, except one or two which are not present, as in one dish all six flavours can not contain together.


  • The Kallazhagar temple in Tamil Nadu which is 21 kms from Madurai circulate a Prasadam to the followers- Dosas.


  • Are you fond of eating samosas? Then, it will be pleasing to know that it’s not an Indian dish.


  • India is known as a country of food which is famous for its spices and most of the spices in all the world come from India.


  • Chicken Tikka Masala that blow up everyone’s mind because it is palatable to taste, is not a part of Indian recipe as it was originated from Glasgow, Scotland.


  • It would be interesting to come over the fact that the taste of first Indian restaurant in the U.S.A. came to existence at the mid of 1960‘s and today the number has reached to 80,000.


  • Gold has not just been in our traditions, as well as it also exists as a part of Indian recipes ingredient just like a  gold dosa in Bengaluru.


  • “Wazwan”, one of the traditional Kashmiri food has a unique cooking which gave a contrasting taste and aroma as its reflects Central Asian influence.