A cookbook of 65 recipes has been released by the chef Watson, which is an IBM supercomputer. This computer has been taking  part in the world of cooking in a superficial manner. Last year, it introduced its own barbecue sauce, which was a great success and gathered immense popularity. And, now you’ll be able to try out some recipes of chef Watson in your own kitchen. Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson, a book which is launched today by this super computer.

IBM notes,

“The book, Due Out Tomorrow, comes after the computer helped run a food truck at last year’s South by Southwest festival and later launched a cooking app with Bon Appetit. Watson’s cooking skills resulted from its work with chefs at the Institute of Culinary Education”.

In ICE, this supercomputer collected all the relevant information on food, such as how to pair foods and how flavours work together, then it initiated by cooking with its own recipes, which ICE chefs tested. IBM notes,

“Given the numerous different combinations of possible ingredients in the world, it’s impossible for a single person to imagine and reason about them all”.

Some alterations have done in the Watson’s recipes by the chefs in their own liking. Some sample dishes are Russian celery sandwich and Asian butternut squash soup. Watson project leader said,

“Strawberries and mushrooms share a lot of flavour compounds. It turns out they go quite well together”.