Have you before heard about the ice creams, that will glow in the dark? 196 Below, an Australian ice cream parlour introduced a new innovation, which has first time created “glow-in-the-dark-ice creams”, that you will not have any problem in eating even if there is dark.

This new idea has inspired by the Steve Felice’s, the co-owner of the 196 Below ice cream parlour, early who speaks and write about the ice creams with great energy and excitement. The name of the shop has taken from the temperature 196 Celsius, at which all the ice cream ingredients freeze. They don’t add any preservative in the liquid ingredients so that the taste of ice cream could not alter.

The liquid nitrogen with boiling point 196 Celsius, where all the ingredients freeze in it. The Melbourne based shop offers three flavours Pine-Lime, “Redskin” (raspberry) and Mango-Passionfruit.

These flavours are the neon additive and are both gluten-free and vegan. The first idea of such ice cream was introduced in 2013 by Charle Francis of England, but it wasn’t successful, but in Spain, this same experiment copied on the Xamaleon brand of tutti- frutti flavoured ice cream, which altered color in response to contact with the acidity in saliva. Now, the same concept has applied to the “glow-in-the-dark” ice cream, using UV additives, that is certified by Australia’s food safety authorities.