Now, it’s become easier to learn cooking with the IBM supercomputer Watson because an app named “IBM Chef Watson app” has been introduced, which is now access publicly. To use this app, first login with Facebook account and, after that anyone can join in the peculiar experiment of cooking with a supercomputer.

The app was launched in June, but that time only a few numbers of home cooks were given access to use it. If anybody, don’t have a Facebook account, then they can also get computer generated recipes by purchasing first cookbook of Chef Watson “Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson” on sale today. This is true that, this supercomputer has been written a cookbook with numerous number of recipes, which human beings could never come up with.

The Chef Watson website stated,

“Chef Watson is a web app built on IBM’s cognitive cooking technology that has been trained on Bon Appetit’s database of 9,000 recipes, helping it learn about dishes and ingredient combinations, combined with an understanding of what tastes people prefer and how the chemistry of different ingredients interact. The app intelligently generates millions of ideas out of the quintillions of possibilities and then predicts which ones offer the most novelty and the best food pairing, allowing users to discover new recipes that have never been thought of before”.

This amazing app gives many suggestions about ingredients and how different food pairings like with white egg, mission figs, pork chops and red currant jelly will be paired. To move further over the ingredients, dishes and styles are listed, also the app will give you interesting facts about each of them.

The app also gives you the recipes from Bon Appetit (Magazine), that is used to create its own distinct chowder. The Chef Watson app comes with an important disclaimer that reads,

“Remember that Chef Watson eats data, not real food. The ingredients and steps are suggestions, so be sure to use your own judgement when preparing these dishes. And, give us feedback to make the Chef smarter”.