Nature is something that most of us adore. It is said that the more we go close to nature the more healthy we remain. Natural things are always pure and pleasant. But what if you get a chance to sit among the natural scenic beauty while enjoying your meal? Well, here is the place we are talking about.

There is a resort in Philippines named ‘Villa Escudero’, that offers its customers to avail the services of a waterfall restaurant. It is a restaurant where people get to sit on bamboo-made dining tables with their feet dipped in water. A few inches away spring water flows down from a waterfall covering the entire dinning area. When you sit there, your feet will get soaked in the cold spring water and you have to literally wade through it in case you want to walk around.

Buffet System at Villa Ecudero Waterfall Restaurant

How it started?

This resort is situated in the city of San Pablo, which is 2-3 hours away from Manila. Originally, this land was used for sugarcane plantation by Mr Don Placido Escudero in 1800s. Later his son, Mr Don Arsenio Escudero converted into coconut plantation. He then grew up to become an agro-industrialist and built Philippines first hydro-electric plant to supply power to his coconut factory. In the year 1981, this place was opened for public by Arsenio’s children. Since then, this resort has become a prominent tourist spot representing the country’s rich culture and customs. At present, the resort is managed by Mr Conrado Escudero who is the third generation of Ecudero family.


  • This place is surrounded by lush green vegetation, beautiful mountains and coconut trees.
  • The waterfall is apparently man-made in the sense that this water comes from a nearby dam built by Mr Don Arsenio.
  • There is a buffet system that provides meat and curries on authentic bamboo leaves.
  • Diners can also enjoy the waterfall before or after having their meals just like they do in a water park.
  • There is a constant roaring sound of the waterfall which acts like music to the ears and makes you feel close to nature.
  • The staff is dressed up in their traditional apparel and attend the customers with a smile on their faces.
  • The staff even cleans up the water everyday to avoid algae formation so that diners can enjoy themselves without the danger of slipping away.

This is a perfect eatery that offers delicious food and will let you sit in the lap of nature. It not only offers a pleasant ambience but also a lifetime experience of having food close to a waterfall where you don’t have to get worried about your dress and shoes. Whether you are with your family or friends, you will get a refreshing experience at this diner that will remain with you throughout your life.