Here, is the great and interesting news that the fast food restaurants may be run by Robots. A new report has been released by the Cornerstone Capital, which is a financial service firm. A report makes a strong case about replacing humans with robots and decided that in the restaurants, robots will be introduced as a cashier.

The reasons behind this report are that, it will increase food prices, the policy effects of Obamacare– that would increase the employees salary and also income inequality would be there. The fast food industry has not very much profit margin, only 60 to 70 percent is the total revenue in respect of food and labour. The customers are aware regarding the cost of food in the restaurants so, by this the industry cannot rise their prices.

Mr. John Wilson, who is the Head of Corporate Governance at Cornerstone Capital said that,

“The report shouldn’t be taken to mean that kitchens will become automated overnight, and that it will take at least ten years to happen. However, mobile apps that let customers order their food through an automated interface are already present and are reducing the need for cashiers”.

“When possible, technology used in ordering can speed the process, improve accuracy and decrease labor cost to the operator, allowing them to maintain their current cost margins” , said by Mr. Darren Tristano, Executive vice-president at Technomic, which is a firm related to the developments in the fast-food industry.


He also added that, “With regards to the back of house, automation in the kitchen – which can help improve labor efficiencies – will also reduce cost, but to some extent, takes away the personal touch of a cook or chef”.