Yum Brands– the most popular fast food company, operates fast-food restaurants, such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and WingStreet worldwide. Now, the company is aiming to increase its business by pushing Taco Bell and KFC into the food delivery segment. Albeit Pizza Hut has a well-established in this segment from others.

In the few years, both Taco Bell and KFC may enter into this line soon. The company has decided this, because nowadays customers prefer more for home-delivery, rather than to go in the restaurants. People use their mobile phone to place order.

Taco Bell will start the delivery of its delicious dishes only for weekends, not for everyday. Because it seems that the youngsters generally place their orders on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. So, the company has decided this to meet that demand.

But in comparison to Taco Bell, KFC will be more suited for delivery as KFC’s food items hold their temperature efficiently, rather than Taco Bell menu items contain a mix and cold ingredients, which will be more challenging to deliver.