GoogleHandsFreePaymentsThere’s a great news for the customers that you can now shop from the stores without paying through wallets and mobile phones. Google has launched its new Android based app, named as “Hands Free”. This new and interesting technique of payment will soon go for the testing in San Francisco. The customers should walk into the store and have to say, “I would like to pay with Google” and after that come out from the store without touching their wallet or phone.

One app also debuted of Apple known as, “Square’s Card Case”, which was also just same as Google’s app. In it, the customers had to open a tab with a merchant and, then paid for a buy by identifying yourself to the cashier. But, this service was limited to 20,000 merchants only. Another platform for online payment system, “PayPal”, had also done similar approach with “Beacon”.

At the Google’s event, it was declared that “Hands Free” would be testing in Papa John’s and McDonald’s and, if it successfully work, then it will soon become a broad base store, where they use.