The world famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who has a huge fan following on social networking sites and otherwise as well will prepare a menu that is served on trains. It’s really a good news for the passengers, who are concerned mainly with hygiene. As you all know that Sanjeev Kapoor has a renowned position in commercial food and beverage industry and that’s the main reason why the Railway Minister asked him to prepare the menu.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said,

“I won’t be able to reveal much, but yes, as an Indian I’m glad to be able to help Indian railways”.

Now, there is a point that the quality of food can be ensured within the low price of rail catering, so commented on this, he stated,

“Take the example of Gol Gappas. They are tasty even though they are not expensive”.

According to the official, Kapoor has accepted the same type of challenges before and managed in a brilliant way. Therefore, you can now enjoy delicious food, prepared by your favourite chef.?