A few days ago, The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) has found some noodle manufacturing companies that are violating the FSDA norms. Recently, in Barabanki, companies making noodles, such as Horlicks foodles, Knorr soupy noodles, and Chings were caught as they are adding more ash in their products beyond the permissible limit. Due to this, the organization has decided to go strictly with these industries.

Coincidentally, Burbank is the same place, where Maggi samples were found to have lead and MSG more than the permissible limit last year. That’s why the Maggi sales were banned from the country. Mr. Manoj Verma, designated officer of FSDA in Barabanki stated,

“We will file the case in court if they do not challenge our report within a month”. The companies could face a fine of INR 2 Lakhs if they accepted the report”.

And, if the makers of Knorr soupy noodles, Horlicks foodles and Chings noodles challenge the report of the FSDA Barabanki and the report is seconded by Kolkata lab, then they can face a fate similar to Maggi.

Last year, samples of Yippee noodles also failed the lead test in the Lucknow lab as the lead was found under permissible level. But, this time, more ash was reported than the permissible level.