A few days ago, a voice had been raised by the employers of Pizza Express against it in the London for skimming the staff tips. But, due to high pressure from union and staff, the brand has now ended and announced to stop deducting an 8% administration fee from the tip. This change of policy will be implemented from 6 September 2015. The customers pay the bill via credit or debit card and opts to pay the tip using the card.

As the issue is not a small one, because Pizza Express has more than 400 restaurants in the U.K, which has been running for 50 years. The company has around 40 outlets in Europe, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Indian and the Middle East. The firm said, “Tips made by cards will be “fully distributed” among employees”.

The Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) use a “tronc” system, where all the tips are collected together and distributed evenly in the staff, generally with about 70% going to the waiters and the rest of given to the kitchen and other workers.

Currently, Pizza Express deducts 8% tip, paid by the credit and debit card, but due to the protest, which is organized by the Unite union have brought about the change of policy.

Mr. Richard Hodgson, the Chief Executive of pizza Express stated,

“He wanted to ensure staff were properly rewarded for the valuable contribution they make our business”.

Further, he commented,

“We have always been and will continue to be, transparent about our tipping policies”.