If you have got bored with the routine food and ambience of restaurants and looking for something different and exciting, here is the place you should visit.

There is an unusual Japanese restaurant named ‘Ninja New York’ located in the Hudson St. of New York city. It was designed by Mr Takaneuay Iba using the Ninja Bible as a reference to re-create a world of Ninjas inside the restaurant. At first, it was opened in Japan, but because of the huge success, it made its way to New York as well. The interior has been given a look of an old Japanese village with the use of wood and stones. This place efficiently reflects Japanese culture and when customers enter the eatery they get to experience a whole new word.

Ninja New York Restaurant


  • The entrance of this eatery starts with an elevator which leads the diners to a secret passage. This passage further takes the customers to the dining area filled with dark spaces.
  • As soon as customers enter the restaurant, the staff members dressed in black clothes like ninjas appear out of nowhere. Sometimes, they make a sudden appearance jumping down from the roof, which comes like a surprise for the guests.
  • They will even entertain you by mockingly stabbing your back or playing some fire tricks.
  • The dining area contains separate cabins having a dungeon-like structure with a dining table.
  • The menu is available in black scrolls which are presented by the staff disguised as ninjas.
  • Meals are served with great presentation skills by the staff, especially, the Ninja Art dishes.
  • After having your meal, you will also get entertained by the staff with their magic tricks at your table.


This eatery offers Japanese cuisine with mouth-watering and delightful dishes prepared with a lot of efforts by the Chef. Some of these dishes are even prepared with ingredients brought all the way from Japan. Some of the dishes offered in ‘Ninja’ include:

Main course

  • Juicy roast chicken
  • Miso Salmon
  • Sushi Paradise
  • Spider Roll
  • Bonfire

Signature Dish

The signature dish of this restaurant is ‘Katana’. It has Angus steak with Teriyaki sauce, fried risotto and Alaskan King crab with tomato and mango sauce along with a topping of white sauce and melted cheese.


  • Sunnyside Up
  • Vanilla Ice cream
  • Rose Chocolate
  • Strawberry Sorbet

This unique and unusual restaurant will not only entertain you but will also let you spend a quality time with your dear ones. It is an ideal place for celebrating your kid’s birthday as they will enjoy the excitement and adventurous environment of the place. However, if you are looking for an eatery for having a peaceful meal, you might not feel content after visiting this place. Because Ninja New York offers an entertaining evening where you can laugh your heart out and enjoy an exciting series of events filled with an extra ordinary ambience and funny tricks.