Nestle India has appointed MD Suresh Narayanan as the chairman of the company. On 29 October 2015, the meeting was held by the company’s board of directors in which all the committee members took the decision to appoint the company’s current managing director as the chairman.

This move was made after the company’s current chairman, Mr. Antonio Helio Waszyk retired on October 1, 2015. Mr. Naryanan was appointed as the managing director on August 1, when the Maggi was going through with dreadful circumstances, but now the situation is totally changed as it’s expected that the instant Maggi noodles will be back in the next two months.

Before being appointed for the India operations, Mr. Naryanan was the Chairman and CEO at Nestle’s Philippines operations. The company said,

“Export sales decreased 6.4%, which are impacted by the Maggi noodles issue and lower sales to Nepal due to the blockade of the border in the last week of September 2015”.

In June, the food regulator FSSAI had prohibited the Maggi noodles from the country, calling it “unsafe and hazardous” for consumption after finding lead and MSG levels beyond permissible limits. But, Bombay High Court ordered to retest the Maggi samples again, which was cleared for consumption. So after that, Nestle India has been started the production at three plants in India and promises that it will be back soon in the Indian market.