luxury hotels group

Currently owning 150 properties in India, the UK-based hospitality provider Luxury Hotels Group now plans to enhance up its sector by opening 200 hotels in the country this year.

From 3-star to 5-star range hotels, the said group has covered a large pie of its business across India.

Chandigarh, Amritsar, and Delhi/NCR are going to be the cities that will include a property in the north; Pune, Bhopal, Aurangabad, and Indore are the ones in the west zone; Cochin and a few other places in Kerala in the south and a couple of north-eastern states and Kolkata will cover up the east.

Managing director, Rahul Arora, said,”We plan to add 200 more hotels as our members across India during the current fiscal year. These will be mainly smaller chains based out of India and independent hotels. Our focus is on the marketing, branding, strategy and revenue management for member hotels.”

“We either work as a fixed retainer or take a percentage of the revenues we generate”, Arora further added when asked about the company profile.

There is around 30 percent of the revenues and membership the company upholds as of now in India, said Arora.