Bicycle VS Motorcycle

Bicycle VS Motorcycle

Bicycle Versus Motorcycle, It always been an interesting debate all the time. Apparently, both are two-wheelers, both have the same working mechanism, same leaning, and turning principles, as well as both required momentum to be maintained to keep the vehicle balanced on two wheels. Both keep their separate importance in all the way long journey of human being life. But now the choice is yours, what will you prefer as someone prefers Bicycle and someone opt Motorcycle and what would you like to suggest to your friends and relatives. We here tried to put forward both the sides, advantages, and disadvantages of motorcycle and bicycle.

About Motorcycle

indian springfield riding

Indian Springfield Riding

The motorcycle is a two-wheeler which uses fuel powered or electric powered engine, which is easy to ride and it can run on the road without any extra efforts, just pull the throttle and become like go, went and gone, but full attention and safety components must be all right. Moreover, It gives a comfortable ride during the long journey, racing, cruising, commuting. Now, it’s heaving a wide feature in the notebook by which we can easily choose the bike according to our priority.

Some important base features to opt your choice motorcycle:

  • Size and Weight
  • Engine Displacement or Type
  • Colors and Body Design
  • Price and other Additional Features

It’s advantages:

  • Saves time reaches fast at the destination
  • Easy to park in less space
  • Can easily pass the traffic area
  • Supports two people including rider without coziness
  • Easy transportation medium of an item from one place to another

It’s disadvantages:

  • Excretion of environment pollutants altogether increase in noise pollution
  • It consumes fuel and without fuel, it’s like a fish without water
  • People use motorbikes for committing a crime
  • Driving license mandatory
  • On long rides, you may suffer from health issues like backbone problem, a neck problem, etc.

About Bicycle

bicycle riding

Bicycle Riding

The bicycle is a two-wheeler cycle, which is driven by the pedal and human forceful efforts. It uses to commute a short travel distance and It also been used in the racing area and as well off-road racing also. In other words, it is also known as the bike.

It is also having some features like:

  • Pedal drive
  • Griped tyres
  • Gears
  • Comfortable saddle

Its advantages are:

  • Eco-friendly because it doesn’t create any noise and air pollution
  • Cheapest mode of transportation
  • More safe than motorbikes
  • Easily passes through any dense area and no need of parking area
  • And foremost, very useful for health
  • keeps the heart and muscular ribs stronger
  • No driving license required
  • keeps mentally and physically fit

It’s disadvantages:

  • Can’t use to transport big item
  • Not fit for traveling long distances
  • Hard to draw forward in windy weather


Above we mentioned all introduction about bicycle and motorbike. As a student, I prefer a bicycle because it’s safe for me and keeps me healthy always while motorbike keeps me unhealthy during long rides and it makes very destruction and in bad weather, it is not safe to ride. Also, the bicycle is cheaper for me and I don’t need any license, but in the case of the motorbike, every time I needed to carry money for the fuel and license along with that.

By bicycle, I can reach my destination so far because it can also pass from the small area easily, but of the motorbike, I have to follow all the rules and regulation of traffic area. So, I would like to go by bicycle.