It’s important to behave perfectly when you are having lunch or dinner with your business colleagues in a restaurant or hotel. Sometimes, there is a situation comes, where we have to attend a formal dinner for the business reasons. And, it is very necessary to act properly in this situation with good table manners. According to me, this formal dining is one of the best ways to brush up your dining etiquettes.

If you are thinking that how to behave in such a circumstance, then don’t worry, as it is not a big deal to handle it and for that, we have a list of suggestions that will assist you in the whole meeting.

Here’s a brief overview of modern table manners that everyone should know:

  • In the business dinner, proper attires are the key points, where we have to dress-up according to the formal dinner. It is recommended that men should wear a jacket or suit with tie while women should wear a dress or suit.
  • If you are attending the formal dinner for some meeting or an occasion, then it is necessary to reach there in time. And, for some reason, you are getting late, then it’s your duty to inform the host, which is present there so that, everyone isn’t waiting for you.
  • Phones, wallets, keys, purses should not be on the dining table because it is considered poor manners to have all these things on the table.
  • One thing is very important during the formal dinner that your arms and elbows should be kept off the table.
  • Be polite when conversations are going on and don’t forget to say “Please, excuse me, thank you” ,whenever needed and also be polite to waiters too.
  • While you’re eating, don’t talk at that time. Wait until you are done chewing.
  • During eating, sit straight means you should bring your food to your face. Don’t lean over your food.
  • And, before leaving, you should say thanks and goodbye to your colleagues.